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In President John J. Hurley’s fall 2021 convocation address, he announced that the college will assist the next president through the development of two initiatives: The Vision Project 2022 and the development of a situation analysis, coordinated by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Thomas R. Chambers, PhD. Through a series of task forces, Chambers will work to develop a report to hand the next president about the state of the college and some immediate strategies or questions that should be considered to help move the college forward.

The Vision Project 2022 is a parallel process to the development of the situational analysis and seeks to understand how all members of the Canisius community see the future of the college based on a framework that is grounded in the college’s mission and oriented through a S.O.A.R. lens – Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results. SOAR is a strengths-based approach to strategic planning and the college’s Strategic Planning Committee has developed a series of reflection questions in the areas of (1) teaching and learning (2) the student experience (3) mission and identity and (4) diversity and inclusion.

The campus community is encouraged to visit the Google site for more information, and to submit thoughts on these reflection questions under the Reflection & Input tab. Respond to as many questions as you like and be as specific or visionary as you prefer but along the way, please attempt to describe:

1.Goals that should be considered

2.Actions that could be taken to arrive at those goals

3. How those goals shape the college’s educational mission and position it for success in the future

Submitted by: College Communications