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Students in Barbara Irwin, Ph.D., and Jamie O’Neil’s communication classes are teaming up this semester to create episodes of “The Magis Podcast,” featuring student-faculty dialogues at Canisius College. 

In this week’s episode, Connor Beals (COM ‘23) and Dr. Melissa Wanzer sat down to discuss the constructive uses of humor.  In this thought-provoking conversation, the idea that humor can be a valuable and strategic communication tool in a variety of situations is discussed.

Students involved in the production are Brayden Fuller (CSC ‘23), Connor Beals, David Dobrasz (SPMT & JRN ‘23), Jordan Read (DMA ‘22), and Matt Kwiakowski (DMA ‘22)

Watch the trailer:

Listen on Spotify:

Submitted by: Katie McMahon, graduate assistant, Communication Studies Department