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Students in Barbara Irwin, PhD and Jamie O’Neil’s communication classes are teaming up this semester to create episodes of “The Magis Podcast,” featuring student-faculty dialogues at Canisius College.

In this week’s episode, student Carrie Rizzuto (DMA ‘21) and Associate Professor of History Julie Gibert, PhD, discusses the history of food and how the past has influenced the present. Students involved in the production are Bailey Blair (COM & DMA ‘21), Shania Clarke (COM & DMA ‘22), Carrie Rizzuto, Alex Rozbicki (DMA ‘24), and Gabrielle Guzinski (DMA & IMC ‘23).

The podcast is NOW AVAILABLE to listen to on Spotify!

Watch the Trailer:

Listen to the Podcast:

Submitted by: Katie McMahon, graduate assistant, Communication Studies Department