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Preferred Name/Personal Pronoun/Gender Identification Information

Canisius College recognizes that some faculty and staff use preferred first names other than their legal first name to identify themselves. The college offers the option of the use of a preferred first name to help foster a more welcoming, supportive and respectful campus climate. In addition, you also have the ability to select a personal pronoun and gender identity. To create a preferred name, select your personal pronouns and/or your gender identity, use the link called Personal Information (SSB) found under Campus Services in the portal (

At this time, iAdvise, the online phone directory and my course roster have already been configured to use preferred first names. We have added personal pronouns to all three applications as well.

The college has been updating applications, processes and communications to use preferred names systematically based on requests from administrative offices.  If you need assistance modifying your automated letters, Emails, reports or web applications, please Eemail, use the subject “Preferred Name Change Request” and send as much information as you can regarding your request; screenshots or attachments are helpful. ITS will review each request and make the change(s). Certain third party integrations, such as tax documents, clearinghouse for transcript requests, FAFSA or other integrations where legal name is required may not be possible to update. This continues to be an ongoing process and your patience is appreciated.

Note: The preferred first name is not a legal name change. Students who are legally changing their names can use the link called Change Address, Name, SSN found under Forms in the portal (; faculty and staff should contact the Human Resources Office.

Submitted by: Kevin Smith, AVP and director, Student Records and Financial Services Center


Pop into the Library for a Mini Exhibit from ICMS

Stop by the library on Tuesday, November 16 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. to view some of the favorite items collected by the ICMS faculty and staff.

Submitted by: Kristina Laun, social media & website administrator, ICMS


Winter 2022 Faculty Development Week Sign-Up Form is Live!

The Academic Affairs office is organizing the 2022 Winter Faculty Development Week, taking place on campus in January, prior to the start of the spring semester. This will be a fantastic set of opportunities in faculty and staff development. We also added more sessions!

Click here for more information on events, panels, workshops, and sessions! Click here to access the sign-up sheet!

The “Week” is longer than a Week! 

  • January 4  – 7- features scholarship support sessions and a writing retreat.
  • January 10 – 13 features sessions focused on pedagogy, including practical methods and resources for improving your courses.

Sessions and Activities include:

  • Supporting Scholarship: A Panel Conversation
  • Session: The Engaged Scholarship Initiative
  • A two-day Writing Retreat hosted by the Canisius College Writing Center
  • Session: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Vital Conversations
  • Session: Building Inclusivity: Awareness and Intention in Classroom and Community
  • Session: Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness: Characteristics and Recommendations for the College Classroom
  • Panel Discussion: Grading for Equity
  • Session: Ignorance Is No Longer an Excuse: Understanding the Indigenous and American History You Were Never Told… On Purpose
  • Workspace: Crafting an Inclusive Syllabus
  • Session: Title IX/Clery/VAWA: “I Have So Many Questions”
  • Session: Resources for Teaching Information Literacy in the Disciplines
  • Session: Academic Integrity at Canisius: Past, Present, and Future
  • Creating And/Or Editing Griffaudit Plans
  • Session: Using Case Studies in the Classroom
  • Session: Stay Golden, Griffins: Supports for Student Success
  • Jesuit History: A Short Simulation Exercise
  • FYE Session: Debriefing for FYE Faculty

Breakfast and lunch will also be served each day in the Faculty Lounge. Tuesday, January 11 concludes with an appetizer event.

Submitted by: Tyler J. Kron-Piatek, academic technologist, COLI