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Canisius College celebrated the 2020 and 2021 service milestones of faculty, staff and administrators on Monday during a recognition breakfast in the Grupp Fireside Lounge. The room was full with employees commemorating 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service to the college. Rev. Jack Mattimore, SJ, opened the celebration with a morning prayer. President John J. Hurley then spoke briefly, offering his thanks and gratitude to the honorees for their dedication to Canisius and its students.

Below is the full list of 2020 and 2021 Service Recognition Honorees:

2020 and 2021 Service Recognition List of Honorees

40 Years in 2020

Eileen C. Herbert – Chief Communications Officer/Director of Communications

Veronica A. Serwacki – Executive Associate to Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences

40 Years in 2021

Dr. Guy H. Gessner – Associate Professor of Marketing & Information Systems

Dr. Nancy J. Rosenbloom – Professor of History

Michael E. Szymendera – Director of Infrastructure/Network Engineering

35 Years in 2020

Dr. Mick Cochrane – Chair & Professor of English

Michael G. Dolan – Professor of Kinesiology

Rev. Daniel Jamros, SJ – Professor of Religious Studies

Margaret M. Kraatz – Financial Aid Specialist and Special Projects

Dr. Ian J. Redpath – Chair & Professor of Accounting

35 Years in 2021

Patricia H. Creahan – Director of Student Health Center

Mary A. Koehneke – Associate Director of Student Records & Financial Services

Christopher J. Mejak – Lead Electrician for Facilities Management

Dr. Charles J. Pelitera – Professor of Practice of Kinesiology & Director of Health & Wellness

Brian P. Smith – Director of International Students & Study Abroad

Alan D. Weitzsacker – System Administrator III for ITS

30 Years in 2020

Dr. Edward J. Garrity – Professor of Marketing & Information Systems

Dr. Julie S. Gibert – Associate Professor of History & Associate Dean for School of Arts & Sciences

Lt. John F. Hach – Public Safety Lieutenant

Dr. Mariusz M. Kozik – Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry

Dr. R. Mark Meyer – Associate Professor of Computer Science

Dr. H. David Sheets – Professor of Physics and Director of Data Analytics

30 Years in 2021

Dr. Richard Falkenstein – Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts

Dr. Barbara J. Irwin – Professor of Communication Studies

Michele A. Rizzo – Assistant Director of Financial Services

25 Years in 2020

Kevin M. Smith – Assistant VP & Director of Student Records & Financial Services

Yvonne K. Widenor – Teaching Faculty of Fine Arts

25 Years in 2021

Scott D. Clark – Director of User Services for ITS

Vanessa M. Clay – Public Safety Dispatcher

Dr. John S. Dahlberg – Chair & Professor of Communication Studies

Walter J. DuBois – Stationary Engineer I for Facilities Management

Dr. Robert J. Grebenok – Professor of Biology

Dr. Sara R. Morris – VP for Academic Affairs

Elaine M. Mrugala – Administrative Associate for Student Life

Dr. Craig D. Rogers – Associate Professor of Economics & Finance

Marc J. Schnirel – System Administrator III for ITS

Andrew N. Smith – Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine

Dr. Melissa B. Wanzer – Professor of Communication Studies

20 Years in 2020

Dr. Michael J. Forest – Professor of Philosophy

David J. Koenig – Computer Support Specialist III for ITS

Dr. Ronald H. Kotlik – Director of Education Technology & Emerging Media Program

Dr. Shawn O’Rourke – Co-Chair & Associate Professor of Sports Administration/Grad Administrative Program Advisor

James A. Phillips – Public Safety Security Guard

Dr. Michael E. Rutter – Associate Professor of Counseling & Human Services

Kevin D. Stone – Stationary Engineer I for Facilities Management

20 Years in 2021

Dr. Barbara A. Burns – Chair & Professor of Teacher Education

Dr. Debra T. Burhans – Associate Professor of Computer Science

Frank Clark IV – Housekeeper for Facilities Management

Benjamin J. Dunkle – Professor of Digital Media Arts

Dr. Kristin E. Finn – Professor of Teacher Education

Angela Galante – Financial Aid Specialist

Dr. Marya Grande – Professor of Teacher Education

Ronald J. Haberer – Controller

Dr. Mark Hodin – Professor of English

Dr. Christopher R. Lee – Associate Professor of Religious Studies & Theology

Erik T. Michaelsen – Instructional Media Technician for the Media Center

Dr. Howard Stanger – Professor of Management and Affiliate Faculty of History

Lisa M. Sullivan – Librarian/Collection & Instructional Services

Dr. Steven H. Szczepankiewicz – Associate Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry

Dr. Nancy V. Wallace – Interim Dean for School of Education & Human Services

Dr. Amy L. Wolf – Associate Professor of English

Laura A. Zirnheld – Student Records Specialist

15 Years in 2020

Dr. Patricia A. Coward – Assessment Coordinator for the Library

Pamela M. Dart – Programmer Analyst for ITS

Dr. Jennifer A. Desiderio – Associate Professor of English

Rosemary A. Evans – Administrative Associate for School of Education & Human Services

Dr. Timothy M. Gregg – Associate Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry

Dr. Rosanne L. Hartman – Professor of Communication Studies

Dr. Dennis W. Koch – Associate Professor of Professional Studies/HHP Programs Director

Dr. Jonathan D. Lawrence – Associate Professor of Religious Studies & Theology

Dr. Christopher J. Lopata – Professor of Psychology & Co-Director for Institute for Autism Research

Dr. Tanya M. Loughead – Professor of Philosophy

Brian S. McIntyre – Public Safety Officer

Donna L. Ortolani – Student Affairs Administrative Specialist for Public Safety

Mark J. Piatkowski – Associate Director of Student Life

Deborah W. Prohn – Registrar & Assistant Director of Student Records & Financial Services

Dr. Ronald M. Rivas – Professor of Management

Erica C. Sammarco – Associate Vice President

Kimberly J. Walkow – Executive Associate to the Dean of Wehle School of Business

Richard V. Warcholak – Stationary Engineer I for Facilities Management

15 Years in 2021

Elizabeth P. Caffee – Director of Academic Talent Search

Kathleen M. DeLaney – Reference Librarian & Archivist

Dr. Lorreine DiCamillo – Associate Dean for School of Education & Human Services

Jennifer J. Herrmann – Associate Dean for Student Success for the Griff Center

Dr. Byung-Jay Kahng – Professor of Mathematics & Statistics

Kristine E. Kasbohm – Director of the Library

Sandra M. McKenna – Academic Program Coordinator for Physician Assistant Program

Nancy I. Mercado – Housekeeper for Facilities Management

Dr. Timothy J. Servoss – Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Phillip M. Sheridan – Chair & Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry

10 Years in 2020

Sierra M. Bonerb – Associate Director of Support Services for the Griff Center

Russell P. Calianno – Programmer Analyst I for ITS

Allen W. Callwood – Public Safety Officer

Carlton Coker, Jr. – Housekeeper for Facilities Management

Dr. Katie S. Costanzo – Associate Professor of Biology

Philip J. Davis, Sr. – Counselor for Academic Talent Search

Dr. Paola C. Fajardo-Heyward – Interim Chair & Associate Professor of Political Science

Dr. Charles A. Goodsell – Chair & Associate Professor of Psychology

Matthew K. Kochan – Librarian and Head of Public Services for the Library

Kristina L. Laun – Administrate Associate for ITS

Dr. Lisa M. Morey – Co-Chair & Associate Professor of Biology

10 Years in 2021

Dr. Denise M. Akin – Clinical Instructor of Psychology

Dr. Allyson D. Backstrom – Director of George E. Schreiner, M.D. ’43 Pre-Medical Center

Angela M. Butler – Advancement Coordinator for Institutional Advancement

Dr. Stephen A. Chanderbhan – Associate Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Mark K. Gallimore – Director of Center for Online Learning & Innovation

Margaret E. Garfoot – Director of Applied Nutrition Program & Office of Professional Studies

Dr. Jean A. Gregorek – Associate Professor of English

Kimberly A. Griffin – Head Coach of Women’s Softball

Katherine M. Huck – Director of Advancement Services

Dr. Karl F. Kozlowski – Professor of Kinesiology

Jennifer M. Lavoie – Assistant Director of Admissions Processing

Dr. Jennifer Lodi-Smith – Associate VP of Academic Affairs & Associate Professor of Psychology

Joshua M. Martin – Admissions Processing Associate

Dermot P. McGrane – Head Coach of Men’s Soccer

Janet M. McNally – Associate Professor of English & Creative Writing

Jeffrey M. Proehl – Librarian/Head of Technology Services for the Library

Dr. Richard D. Reitsma – Chair & Associate Professor of Modern Languages

Lisa A. Rowley – Staff Nurse for the Student Health Center

David A. Shakarjian – Senior Programmer Analyst/DBA for ITS

Eileen Tally – Student Accounts Supervisor for Student Records & Financial Services

5 Years in 2020

Luis R. Ayala – Housekeeper for Facilities Management

Amy K. Beiter – Curriculum & Student Support Project Associate for Academic Affairs

Dr. Julie Anna M. Golebiewski – Associate Professor of Economics & Finance

Dr. Daniel P. Haeusser – Associate Professor of Biology

Patricia A. Herkey – Creative Director of Marketing & Communication

Joshua E. Kruk – Digital Marketing Director for Marketing & Communication

Kelly L. Schultz – Associate Controller

Timothy J. Seil – Assistant Director of Athletic Facilities

Carolyn M. Thompson – Coordinator & Supervisor for Office of Field Experience

Linda M. Walleshauser – Associate VP for Human Resources & Compliance

5 Years in 2021

Jarrett L. Abelson – Director of Athletic Communications

Dr. Nathan L. Arbuckle – Associate Professor of Psychology

Suli M. Calianno – Canisius Fund Coordinator

Jeannette N. Delaney – Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Laura J. Ginter – Housekeeper for Facilities Management

Chris E. Hawkins – Assistant Coach for Men’s Basketball

Laurie A. Hennessy – Administrative Operations Coordinator for Athletics

Cavina T. James – Associate Director of HEOP for C.O.P.E.

Matthew R. Kwiatkowski – Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Garrett L. Layton – Director of Digital Media and Athletic Communication

Sandra A. Miller – Senior Director of Corporate, Foundation & Government Relations

Erik J. Schneider – Working Foreman & Housekeeper for Facilities Management

Courtney T. Sullivan – Leadership Giving Officer for the Canisius Fund

Dr. Sarah L. Tulin – Assistant Professor of Biology

Reggie Witherspoon – Head Coach of Men’s Basketball

Lauren L. Young – Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness

Submitted by: College Communications