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Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Thank you.

Thank you for not only showing up and supporting Friday’s Festi-ful event, but for donating towards helping your fellow Canisius College students in need. This amazing event opened at 10:00 a.m. and we instantly had a line at the donation table as well as each station ready to try some of the delicious food items that were offered. During the event we had raised $2,289 to help us bring the food pantry back better than ever before. This was accomplished through the generosity of not only the students and faculty, but President Hurley’s generous donation.

Throughout the four hour event we tallied a total of 620 people that stopped in to enjoy the food, music, games, and Bubly Swag. We played Spin the Wheel and Coin Flip Madness for various prizes and EVERYONE WAS A WINNER!! Hameed Ali (Mr. Frostee) and Shoppe 120 hosted the ice cream stand as well as the playlist for the event (“Hits of the 2000’s” and “Hits of ’09 through ’12”). Jim, one of our Pepsi representatives, was the guy behind the Bubly tent and swag handout. The ornate balloon display was brilliantly created by Buffalo Balloon Co. (they can be found on Instagram), we’d like to thank them for getting the display up early for us. Last but not least our incredible staff behind the line and in the kitchen deserves a huge thank you for their hard work and dedication to making this event happen. Chef Mike, Chef Tyree, and Chef Andrea organized and had their hand in everything that was eaten at the event.

Thank you to everyone that worked, and attended, this event and brought something unique to Festivall.

Submitted by: Aaron Abruzzino, marketing manager, Chartwells Higher Ed

-Canisius Dining