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In case you missed the original announcement , please review it here in The Dome.

ITS will begin to notify users of account lockdowns after October 1, if MFA has not yet been configured on the account for full time staff and faculty only.

To clarify a few points:  While MFA is available to all users (students, faculty, staff, adjuncts, emeritus, etc.) it is only required for full time faculty and staff.  All others are encouraged to make their login credentials more secure by using MFA but not required to do so at this point.

Please be sure to set up more than one method of authentication.  You will need options depending on your circumstances.  For example, if you forget the answers to your challenge questions you can use the secondary email or cell phone method to get in and review and change these questions.  Another example, you are teaching in the lower level of Science Hall and cannot get cell phone reception so you need email or security questions in order to log into the portal on the classroom computer.

As always, the ITS Help Desk is available for any questions or problems you may encounter.  For assistance, stop by the Help Desk in Horan O’Donnell 016, call 888-8340 or email

Submitted by: Scott Clark, director, User Services/ITS