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As part of the summer update to D2L, a new tool called “accommodations” has been added to make it easier to give students extra time on quizzes.

The accommodations tool is similar to giving a student extra time in special access but you can set special access for all quizzes in a course at once, rather than at each individual quiz. Once a student has been given an accommodation, you can easily identify the student in the class list by looking for the accommodations symbol to the right of their names (as in the image above). Learners with accommodations will also see this symbol in the class list while they are taking quizzes.

To add an accommodation (for example, extra time on quizzes) in the class list, click the dropdown arrow to the right of their name. In the menu, click “edit accommodations.”

YouTube Tutorial

Text Tutorial

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Submitted by: Tyler J. Kron-Piatek, academic technologist, COLI