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On May 20, the Society of Jesus and the entire Ignatian family will begin a worldwide celebration of Ignatian Year.

On this date, 500 years ago, St Ignatius was wounded by a cannonball while defending the city of Pamplona. For him, it was a major failure and forced a change of plans from the riches and worldly exploits he envisioned for his future. However, this failure also started a process of conversion, which led Ignatius to bigger dreams, no longer centered on himself,but rather on God. It helped him to see all things new in Christ.

As announced by Jesuit Father General Arturo Sosa in a letter announcing the Ignatian Year, we celebrate this year to remind us of the daily opportunity to experience a new conversion. It is a call to allow the Lord to reveal to us new ways of following Christ.

The Ignatian Year will conclude on July 31, 2022.

Submitted by: Rev. Jack Mattimore, SJ, Office of Campus Ministry