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Students Read Stories for Community Partners

During Virtual Service Week, Canisius students recorded themselves reading children’s stories, which will be shared with non-profit organizations and local schools. Rebecca Praetzel (left) read Where the Wild Things Are and Morgan Morris read The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Submitted by: Mary Rockwell, PhD, director, The New Buffalo Institute

Free Science Policy Workshop

500 WS 2021 Workshop Flyer.JPG

The Buffalo of 500 Women Scientists is hosting its second annual Science Policy Workshop. This year’s topic is communicating science. The event is Saturday, May 1 from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

The event, being held virtually, is free and open to all. Registration is required. See the flyer above for more information.

Submitted by: Sue Margulis, professor, ABEC


Father Jamros Contributes to New Book

Rev. Daniel P. Jamros, SJ, professor emeritus of Religious Studies and Theology, served as a translator for the new book The Moment is for Me: An Ignatian Guide to Prayer. Authored by Rev. Christof Wolf, SJ, the book offers a version of the Spiritual Exercises for “people who would like to make the Exercises by themselves in their daily lives,” explains Rev. Jamros.

Rev. Wolf originally published The Moment is for Me in German. Upon deciding to publish the book in English, he reached out to Rev. Jamros to assist with the translation from German to English.

The retreat experience outlined in The Moment is for Me follows four classical Ignatian themes: Principle and Foundation, the Life of Jesus, the Passion of Jesus and the Resurrection of Jesus.

Click here to learn more about the book.

Submitted by: College Communications

April Employee of Distinction

EE of Distinction photo.gifThis is a reminder to please have all April submissions for the Employee of Distinction Program in by Wednesday, April 28.

Nominate a co-worker for a job well done by completing the Employee of Distinction nomination form. The Employee of Distinction program provides an excellent opportunity to show appreciation and support for co-workers and to reward them for all that they do.

Click here to complete the nomination form. The application will request an explanation as to why a candidate is worthy of the award. A list of factors to consider when submitting a nomination include the nominee’s history of accomplishments, level of determination, motivation and interpersonal skills. The information provided in the application will be used to make a fair and objective selection.

Each month, upon supervisor approval, the Employee Engagement Team reviews all nominations. Submissions after Wednesday, April 28 will be considered for the month of May. Once a decision is made for April, the Employee of Distinction will be featured in The Dome.

Contact the Human Resources Department at Ext. 2240 with any questions.

Submitted by: Bethany Voorhees, executive associate, President’s Office

NYS Fire Inspection 2021

The Annual New York State Fire Inspection is scheduled to take place over the next several weeks. The Inspector will be visiting common areas, stairways, offices, classrooms, dorm rooms, utility rooms and storage rooms confirming whether we comply with the Fire Code of NYS.  Some of the items that have come up in the past include:

  • Items blocking access to electrical panels: There must be a minimum of 36 inches of clear space in front of electrical panels.
  • Items blocking corridors and hallways: Corridors and hallways must be kept clear for exiting. Equipment, cabinets, desks and chairs must not be stored in these areas.
  • Storing items too close to the ceiling: The fire code requires an 18 inch distance from the sprinkler head to the closest item or 24 inch distance when there is no sprinkler system.
  • Fire doors that are propped: Fire doors must be closed at all times, unless they are held open with automatic releases that allow the door to close when the fire alarm sounds.
  • Improper storage of flammable fluids and liquids: The quantity of flammable fluid storage is limited by its classification and flammability rating.
  • Electrical extension cords: Electrical extension cords are strictly prohibited inside Canisius buildings. Overloading a wall receptacle can cause a fire.
  • Furniture: Canisius is required to comply with furniture fire code standards. Furniture that does not comply must be removed.
  • Space heaters: Space heaters supplied by the Canisius facilities department are approved for use. All others must be removed.

If you have any questions regarding fire safety, please contact Joseph Snodgrass, safety coordinator, at

Submitted by: Joseph Snodgrass, safety coordinator, Facilities Department