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The Annual New York State Fire Inspection is scheduled to take place over the next several weeks. The Inspector will be visiting common areas, stairways, offices, classrooms, dorm rooms, utility rooms and storage rooms confirming whether we comply with the Fire Code of NYS.  Some of the items that have come up in the past include:

  • Items blocking access to electrical panels: There must be a minimum of 36 inches of clear space in front of electrical panels.
  • Items blocking corridors and hallways: Corridors and hallways must be kept clear for exiting. Equipment, cabinets, desks and chairs must not be stored in these areas.
  • Storing items too close to the ceiling: The fire code requires an 18 inch distance from the sprinkler head to the closest item or 24 inch distance when there is no sprinkler system.
  • Fire doors that are propped: Fire doors must be closed at all times, unless they are held open with automatic releases that allow the door to close when the fire alarm sounds.
  • Improper storage of flammable fluids and liquids: The quantity of flammable fluid storage is limited by its classification and flammability rating.
  • Electrical extension cords: Electrical extension cords are strictly prohibited inside Canisius buildings. Overloading a wall receptacle can cause a fire.
  • Furniture: Canisius is required to comply with furniture fire code standards. Furniture that does not comply must be removed.
  • Space heaters: Space heaters supplied by the Canisius facilities department are approved for use. All others must be removed.

If you have any questions regarding fire safety, please contact Joseph Snodgrass, safety coordinator, at

Submitted by: Joseph Snodgrass, safety coordinator, Facilities Department