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Thomas A. Chambers, PhD, dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and professor of history, will present his research on the Yorktown battlefield and its commemoration this Thursday, April 15, at 6:00 p.m.

Sponsored by the National Park Service, this webinar is part of the series “The Lives of Monuments: Victory and Alliance at Yorktown,” intended to investigate the ways in which Americans commemorate the Revolutionary War, whose 250th anniversary is fast approaching. The talk is based, in part, upon Chambers’ book Memories of War: Visiting Battlegrounds and Bonefields in the Early American Republic. Find more about Chamber’s book here.

Click here for more information on his presentation and to register.

In addition to Chambers, the program features Vivien Green Fryd, PhD. professor emerita at Vanderbilt University and Linda J. Williams, park ranger at Yorktown Battlefield Colonial National Historical Park. They will discuss how the Yorktown battlefield became a landscape of shared memory and how the Victory Monument’s statues tell a story about evolving national ideals.

Submitted by: Tom Chambers, dean, College of Arts & Sciences