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On Tuesday, eight individuals, including six Asian American women, were killed in a series of shootings in the Atlanta area. These killings occurred amidst a disturbing nationwide rise in hateful rhetoric, violence and discrimination directed against the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities during the pandemic. Their pain and fear is real.

Canisius College condemns all acts of hate and violence against people of Asian descent and denounces the underlying xenophobic beliefs that perpetuate them.  Members of the AAPI communities have long endured this bigotry and isolation in the United States. Canisius stands with them in solidarity, love and respect.  It is at moments like this, when we redouble our commitment to our mission and remember what “being men and women for and with others” truly means.  We put these words to the test, accompany the “other” and fully invest ourselves in a shared quest for equality and justice.

I encourage you to join members of the Canisius community for the Moment of Remembrance today (Friday, March 19) at 4:00 p.m. outside the Chapel in the Quad. This event is supported by the ALANA Student Center and Leadership@Canisius.

Submitted by: John J. Hurley, president, Canisius College