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The Buffalo News leaned heavily on the expertise of the economic trio comprised of Drs. George Palumbo, Mark Zaporowski and Julie Anna Golebiewski in recent days.

Reporter David Robinson interviewed Golebiewski for two separate stories about what the local economy may look like in a post-Covid environment. The first article, titled “Buffalo Niagara will be different after Covid-19. Are we ready to turn change into opportunity?” can be read by clicking here. The second story, titled “A different look for the post-Covid Buffalo Niagara economy,” can be read here.

Robinson also reported on the region’s recent unemployment numbers, as analyzed in the latest edition of WNY Economic News, which is published by Golebiewski, Palumbo and Zaporowski. That article, titled “Unemployment is rising again and it could be even worse than the numbers say,” can be read here.

Submitted by: College Communications