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“The Genie”

The Fine Arts Department at Canisius invites you to enjoy “Empty Nest,” the latest collection of artwork created by Adjunct Professor Jacqueline Welch.

Installed in January, Welch’s exhibit explores the connections between non-human animals, the environment and human observers. According to Welch, her newest work “shows birds and other animals in their natural environment and portrays some of the behaviors peculiar to each species. After many years of hikes in nearby parks, I have also come to appreciate the wealth of Western New York’s tree varieties.  The trees in our neighborhoods possess a stoic beauty, a changing nature and the abilities to harbor, feed and protect birds and other creatures.”

The “Empty Nest” exhibit will be on view in the Peter A. and Mary Lou Vogt Gallery, located in the Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library, for the full spring semester. Please encourage your students and colleagues to visit it.

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Submitted by: Yvonne K. Widenor, visiting assistant professor and program director, Art History Program / Fine Arts Department