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Preparing Business Owners for a Stronger 2021

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On Monday, January 25, the Women’s Business Center at Canisius College will host Transformational Training Intensive: Preparing Business Owners for a Stronger 2021.  The virtual event is aimed at assisting small business owners in strategically preparing for 2021 so they are equipped to pivot their business, prepare staff for transitions and attract customers.

To register, visit 

Submitted by: The Women’s Business Center at Canisius College

Schedule Your Next TIAA Financial Meeting

No matter where you are in life – just starting out or planning for retirement – a session with TIAA Financial Consultant Curtis Cluster can help you create a plan for your goals. Curtis has appointment times for individual consultations available on Thursday, January 14, 2021.  To schedule an appointment, click on the following link: .

Submitted by: Dawn Rotterman, benefits manager, Human Resources

Browser Download Settings

Downloading things from the internet is usually pretty simple. What makes it difficult is trying to figure out where the download goes. In most cases, downloads simply go to the Downloads folder, which is on your computer by default. However, you may want to put downloads into a different folder.  Or perhaps you aren’t sure where the download went in general. Nearly every browser allows you to change the default file download location, which may be useful if you are doing bulk downloads of files that should go into another folder altogether. Most browsers also offer the option to determine where you want to download a file.

Either way can make bulk downloads faster by skipping the need to go to the Downloads folder and moving these files to the proper folder. These will be our main focuses in this video:

Submitted by: Tyler Kron-Piatek, academic technologist, Center for Online Learning and Innovation