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Banner users familiar with the eCommunities resource will want to take note that Ellucian is migrating its current environment to a new community platform this weekend. The new solution is very similar in structure to the existing platform, with some slight terminology changes, as the current term “places” becomes “forums” in the new community. If you are following specific “places,” you will need to re-subscribe to the corresponding “forums” in the new platform.

Also note that your bookmarks within eCommunities will not be converted. You may wish to save bookmarked threads as a PDF, otherwise you will need to search for them again post-migration.

Ellucian is planning to migrate to this new platform the evening of Friday, December 4 and expect the cutover will take the majority of the weekend. It is expected to be live on the new community at 8:00 a.m. EST on Monday, December 7.

Ellucian feels the experience will be very intuitive. They have provided a video overview along with targeted recordings on how to find your forums, how to post content, subscribe to instant as well as the daily digest, subscribe to forums/topics and follow people.

Find these videos and targeted recordings here.

If you have any questions about accessing or learning about Banner resources at Canisius, please refer to the college wiki page here or Email

Submitted by: Michele Folsom, director of administrative computing, ITS