The WNY Prosperity Fellowship  is currently recruiting for the next academic year (2021-22). Two information sessions are currently scheduled via Zoom.  We ask that professors share the above information on the flyer with their students.

The Canisius College Western New York (WNY) Prosperity Fellowship is an innovative program for students in their junior or senior years or graduate business students who have an entrepreneurial drive and want to make a difference in Western New York.

The Fellowship combines scholarship assistance with credit-bearing internships, networking, and skill-building to provide students with academic and practical experiences in their intended professions. Students receive significant financial assistance based on need, so they can fully focus on making the most of their internships, educational experiences, and networking and skill building opportunities. In return, students commit to working and giving back economically to Western New York for at least two years within a 10-year period upon graduation.

Submitted by: Robyn Brouer, PhD, chair, Department of Management; director, WNY Prosperity Fellowship