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Communion Services

Campus Ministry will hold Communion services in lieu of Daily Masses through Wednesday November 18. Each Communion service will be led by a different lay member of the Canisius community and include a full Liturgy of the word and distribution of Communion.

Services take place Monday – Friday at 12:05 p.m. at Christ the King Chapel.

Daily Masses will resume on Thursday, November 19.

Please contact Kaitlyn Buehlmann at with any questions. 

Submitted by: Kaitlyn Buehlmann, associate campus minister, Campus Ministry

January Winter Faculty Development Week

The Division of Academic Affairs and the Center for Online Learning & Innovation (COLI) will host a weeklong series of workshops from January 11-15. These workshops will focus on practical ways faculty can make their spring 2021 courses more efficient, effective and engaging.

Please consider leading a workshop as part of Winter Faculty Development Week if you have insights and experiences teaching during the Covid-19 crisis or teaching online and hybrid courses. Contact to discuss ideas with Mark Gallimore and Tyler Kron-Piatek. These do not need to be big, encompassing methods for course design. Your colleagues will appreciate sessions that collect tips easy to implement.

Participate as a presenter, leader or attendee.  Mark your calendar and plan to attend these sessions. Similar to the event in August, there will be plenty of practical ideas for teaching multi-modal courses. 

Submitted by: Tyler Kron-Piatek, academic technologist, COLI

D2L Grades

The D2L Gradebook is a fairly lightweight, manageable place to upgrade courses for spring 2021 or even now in fall. There are tips for easy use and effectively transmitting feedback to students in the D2L Grades workshop and Self-Paced Training Video Set.

Students appreciate having their grades reported through D2L. Properly using the D2L Gradebook can help eliminate student-prompted conversations about “how they are doing” and repetitive procedural announcements in class or through D2L.

Use the grades tool in various ways to build a gradebook best suited to your classes and teaching. Click here to watch a tutorial to enter final grades in D2L at the end of the semester.

Recording grades in an Excel spreadsheet may seem easier but this does not report progress to students or calculate their cumulative or average grades. Export grades entered into D2L to an Excel spreadsheet for safekeeping or other purposes.

Gradebooks only need to be built in a course once. Since gradebook structure copies and other course content is copied the following semester, it will not need to be built again.

These topics are covered in our D2L Grades Workshop and are also great opportunities to ask questions about gradebooks. Feel free to make an appointment with COLI to discuss more comprehensive changes to your grading structure in D2L.

Submitted by: Tyler Kron-Piatek, academic technologist, COLI