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On Thursday, November 5, the Canisius College International Relations Program welcomed 130 students from 14 High Schools for the 42nd Annual High School Model United Nations Conference. This year the conference was entirely online. Student-delegates represented countries from around the world and discussed, debated and attempted to formulate resolutions on pressing issues of the day.

The conference featured four concurrent simulated sessions of international deliberative bodies including the United Nations Security Council, the Human Rights Council, as well as a historic simulation of the UN Security Council in 1968.

A volunteer staff of Canisius College students moderated and adjudicated the proceedings, which challenged participants to learn rules of parliamentary procedures in addition to information about specific countries’ positions on controversial international issues. Our volunteer staff was largely drawn from our new student club, the Model UN Diplomacy Organization (MUNDO).

This online conference would not have been possible without the support of the ITS and COLI staff.  The International Relations Program also thanks Amy Beiter and the work-study students in the political science department.

Submitted by: Paola Fajardo-Heyward, PhD, associate professor, political science; director, International Relations Program