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It is day three of Virtual Service Week. Today’s theme is Healthcare and Health Equity.

  • Partner Spotlight: Harvest House
  • Service Challenge: Watch the documentaryBending the Arc. This film follows the nonprofit healthcare organization Partners in Health, and founders Jim Yong KimOphelia Dahl and Paul Farmer, who are devoted to providing innovative healthcare in impoverished nations.

Then, on Thursday, October 23 at 7:00 p.m., attend the Global Health & Social Justice panel discussion with the founders. Gain a deeper awareness of how socioeconomic inequality results in health and medical inequities.

  • Advocacy Action: Letter to Congress, post on social media
  • Donation Suggestion: Friends of Night People

Please visit our website to learn about the theme of each day and explore opportunities to engage in service, advocate for change, enjoy a community partner spotlight or make a donation.

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Submitted by: Mary Rockwell, PhD, director, The New Buffalo Institute