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Please help the college get the best value from lamps and projectors by shutting down the projectors in classrooms at the end of class. With fewer in-person classes on campus this semester, it is less likely that someone else will benefit from the previous user of their classroom not shutting the room down at the end of class.

Why This Is Important: Did you know that the lamps in classroom video projectors have a finite life span and that they cost between $99 and $400 (depending on the projector model) to replace? When “standby” or “A/V Mute” is selected, the projector lamp is still being used. Also, leaving a projector on for prolonged amounts of time causes heat related wear to the LCD imager that will eventually result in irreversible distortion of the projected image.

Resources For the Community: Need more information on how to shut down a projector in a particular room or on how to use the document camera, play a DVD or hook up your laptop to the projector? Instructions for using the different classrooms on campus can be found by going to the “What’s in my classroom?” section of the Canisius College Wiki and clicking on the “click here to see a list of the classrooms around campus” link.

Need a demonstration of a particular feature of a room?  Contact the Media Center by Emailing Erik Michaelsen (, Nathan Johnson ( or Dan Drew (, and within a few days we will post a link on our portal page to a video showing how to use the feature of the room that you are interested in.

Submitted by: Erik Michaelsen, instructional media technician, Media Center