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Widenor.Lecture.9.2020.jpgPlease join us on Thursday, September 24 at 2:00 p.m. as Professor Yvonne K. Widenor, director of the art history program in the Fine Arts Department and director of ¬†ArtsCanisius, discusses self-portraiture in a talk entitled “Redirecting the Gaze: Self-Portraits by Women Artists.”

This lecture details the inspiration for teaching the core capstone course called “The Art of the Selfie: Self Portraits – A Critical Survey” and the lessons Professor Widenor continues to learn when teaching this subject matter.

The lecture will take place in Regis Room. Patrons may also watch an online version here.

For more information, visit or contact Professor Widenor at Ext. 2531 or

Submitted by: Yvonne K. Widenor, visiting assistant professor and program director, Art History Program, Fine Arts Department, director and Studio Art Galleries director, ArtsCanisius