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Employee Engagement Team Invitation

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The Employee Engagement Team will begin to meet again this fall semester to discuss opportunities to enhance the work environment at Canisius College.

As part of the team, representatives from divisions across campus participate in valuable discussions to talk about individual and departmental experiences, concerns and opportunities related to improving the employee experience. The team will continue to focus on unique approaches to staying engaged with each other and in our day-to-day work during this age of social distancing, as well as enhancing the student experience to increase student enrollment and retention. The outcomes of these discussions will be reviewed with the college’s Senior Leadership Team.

At this time, we are currently seeking additional members from the campus community to join the discussions.

Linda Walleshauser, associate vice president for Human Resources and Compliance, invites you to participate on the team by contacting Bethany Voorhees, executive associate to President John Hurley, at within the next week. The first meeting will be held in October via Zoom, and a date will be announced once it has been decided.

We look forward to sharing and hearing your ideas!

Submitted by: Bethany Voorhees, executive associate, President’s Office

Reminder: Upcoming Workshops from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will be offering several workshops this fall to continue the important work toward increasing the inclusiveness on campus. Information about the following workshops and the opportunity to register for programs is available here.

• Inclusive Conversations: Calling One Into A Conversation, Not Calling One Out, presented by Sesha Yalamanchili, On the Mark LLC – Tuesday, September 22 from 9:00-10:30 a.m. or Wednesday, September 23 from 3:00-4:30 p.m.

• Part I-Microaggressions Are Not So Subtle: The Verbal, Behavioral and Environmental Indignities, presented by Isabelle Oritz, Center for Cultural Engagement & Inclusion, California Lutheran University – online, asynchronous (must be completed prior to Part II)

• Part II-Microaggressions Are Not So Subtle: The Verbal, Behavioral and Environmental Indignities, presented by Isabelle Oritz, Center for Cultural Engagement & Inclusion, California Lutheran University – Tuesday, October 6 from 12:00-2:00 p.m. or Friday, October 9 from 1:00-3:00 p.m.

Submitted by: Fatima Rodriguez Johnson, associate dean for Diversity & Inclusion, Academic Affairs

ArtsCanisius Season Begins with a Meet-the-Faculty Lecture

Widenor.Lecture.9.2020.jpgPlease join us on Thursday, September 24 at 2:00 p.m. as Professor Yvonne K. Widenor, director of the art history program in the Fine Arts Department and director of  ArtsCanisius, discusses self-portraiture in a talk entitled “Redirecting the Gaze: Self-Portraits by Women Artists.”

This lecture details the inspiration for teaching the core capstone course called “The Art of the Selfie: Self Portraits – A Critical Survey” and the lessons Professor Widenor continues to learn when teaching this subject matter.

The lecture will take place in Regis Room. Patrons may also watch an online version here.

For more information, visit or contact Professor Widenor at Ext. 2531 or

Submitted by: Yvonne K. Widenor, visiting assistant professor and program director, Art History Program, Fine Arts Department, director and Studio Art Galleries director, ArtsCanisius

Staff Performance Appraisal Process Begins

The performance appraisal process at Canisius College is designed to encourage open discussion between our supervisors and employees to review progress, establish priorities and discuss career development opportunities across the campus.

The self-assessment by employees is a best practice that will hold even more value going forward. In addition to offering our employees an avenue to express perceptions around their contributions and have a formal voice in their development and employment experience, it will provide direct insight into the evolution of the college’s operations that will be helpful as we adjust and refine roles and processes.

The first step in this process is to complete your self-assessment by logging into MyCanisius-Applications-HR Appraisal:

  • Once the employee submits the self-assessment, it will be available to the supervisor to utilize in preparing the performance appraisal.
  • Self-assessments are designed to facilitate the performance discussion. An employee will complete the appropriate form and it will be forwarded to the supervisor.
  • The supervisor will complete the performance appraisal and then schedule a meeting to review the details and finalize goals for the next year. Once completed, the supervisor will then submit the appraisal.
  • The employee will receive the final document and add comments and sign to acknowledge the appraisal was received and reviewed.
  • The appraisal will be available to view at the Vice President level.

Self-assessments should be completed by September 28.

Supervisors should complete all Performance Appraisals by October 23.

To assist supervisors in completing performance appraisals, please note that the following zoom training sessions have been scheduled.

Wednesday, September 23 from 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Monday, September 28 from 2:00-3:00 p.m.

Please E-mail Linda Walleshauser at if you would like to attend one of the scheduled sessions.

Submitted by: Linda M. Walleshauser, associate vice president for Human Resources and Compliance

Canisius Dependent Tuition Waiver/Exchange Information Sessions

Faculty and staff interested in using the dependent Tuition Exchange (TE and FACHEX) or the Canisius College Tuition Waiver for academic year 2021-22 are encouraged to attend one of the following information sessions.

Thursday, September 24 from 1:00-2:00 p.m. or Friday, September 25 from 11:00-12:00 p.m. at the zoom link below.

Join Zoom Meeting

In the meantime, feel free to use the documentation in the wiki and below to search and start the application process.

First Steps:

  • Complete the Canisius dependent child application located in the portal under Human Resources -> Tuition Waiver and Benefits.
    • Select a beneficiary -> Canisius Tuition Waiver/Initial Certification(stop here if only applying for the Waiver to attend Canisius)
  • Complete the Tuition Exchange/Fachex EZ application (only complete the TE EZ application for non-Canisius schools).

If you have questions regarding:

Tuition Exchange/Fachex contact Kevin Smith at Ext. 8501 or

Canisius Tuition Waiver/Dependent Child contact Human Resources at Ext. 2240 or

Search for TE/Fachex Member Schools on the TE website.  Every TE member school has its own calendar, including application deadlines.  Dates are available in the search option.

Submitted by: Kevin Smith, AVP and director, Student Records and Financial Services Center