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The Media Center has set up Old Main Room 208, Old Main Room 301 and Science Hall Room 1004 for video recording, which will be available through August 28. The classrooms have a pan/tilt/zoom PTZ video camera, hanging microphone and class capture video recorder, which stores the video files on a USB drive that you must provide.  The classrooms also have touch panel control, computer, document camera, DVD or Blu-ray player, internet/network, rear monitor, screen/projector and laptop connection.

Additionally, Science Hall Room 064 is set up to video record via ZOOM (you would need a ZOOM Pro account to record), and also be available through August 28.   This classroom has a web camera, microphone/speaker unit, computer, Blu-ray player, document camera, internet/network, screen/projector and laptop connection.

To reserve or schedule these classrooms, use 25 Live.  Swipe card access is available from 8:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.

Instructions are available at the Canisius Wiki ITS –Media Center “What’s in My Classroom” select from list of classrooms

The Media Center has setup a video recording space in the seminar room, located in Old Main 417.  This room has a video camera, microphone, lights, LCD panel and video recorder (USB drive needed). This room will remain open during the fall semester. Contact the Media Center at Ext. 3278 to open this room.  Operating instructions for OM-417’s recording technology can be found at the room’s “What’s in My Classroom?” Wiki page

Contact the ITS Help Desk at Ext. 8340 for additional support.

Submitted by: Dan Drew, director, Media Center