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The campus community is invited to watch The Dome for special “Trivia Tuesdays,” which will be published in every Tuesday edition throughout the summer. The first person to respond to with the correct answer will win Canisius “swag.” Additionally, once a month on Tuesdays, there will be a special giveaway in which the winner will receive some of the newly designed Canisius Sesquicentennial gear.

Winners will be announced the following Tuesday of each week along with the correct trivia answer.

This week’s special giveaway question is: In what year was the Canisius College Sports Hall of Fame established:

a. 1960

b. 1973

c. 1963

d. 1959

Congratulations to Laura Montaro, executive associate to President John Hurley, who is the winner of last week’s Trivia Tuesday contest. This is Laura’s first time winning our Trivia Tuesday contest. We’ll have some Canisius swag waiting for her when the campus returns to normal operations. Thanks for playing!

Last week’s Trivia Tuesday question was:

The Canisius community dedicated the Greatest Generation Memorial in November 2007 as a permanent tribute to alumni who served during the war years of 1941 – 1943. Where is the memorial located on campus?

(a) In the Quad, near Koessler Plaza

(b) In front of Lyons Hall, on Main Street

(c) In the plaza, between Bagen Hall and Old Main

(d) Outside the ROTC Offices at the Health Science Building

The correct answer was: (c) In the plaza, between Bagen Hall and Old Main

Submitted by: College Communications