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Canisius College student Sara F. Nicolas was part of a winning multinational team that competed in the “X-Culture” competition during the spring 2020 semester.  Nicolas’ team was one of 28 winning teams that earned near perfect scores in the competition.  A total of 975 teams competed from around the world. 

“X-Culture” is a large-scale experiential learning project which, this year, engaged more than 6,000 undergraduate and graduate business students from 652 universities in 100-plus countries.  Participating students are placed in virtual teams of about six and charged with completing a consulting project for a multinational company.  As part of the competition, teams are required to complete a market analysis of their assigned company, and develop marketing messaging, promotional materials, operations management considerations and pricing strategies.  The competition is all that more challenging as each student on a team represents a different country and therefore must navigate cultural differences, time-zone dispersions and communication barriers. 

Nicolas is a marketing major at Canisius with an expected graduation date of spring 2021.  She became involved in the “X-Culture” competition upon enrolling in a Global Marketing Strategy course at Canisius, taught by Coral R. Snodgrass, PhD, professor of management. As part of the coursework, Snodgrass requires students to participate in the multinational competition.  

Click here to read more about the competition and Nicolas’ winning project.

Submitted by: College Communications