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How do we make sense of a global pandemic that has caused millions of deaths around the world?

Join us for a new interdisciplinary course titled “Making Meaning in a Pandemic.” In this special summer course, Canisius faculty, alumni and guest presenters will explore the many ways humankind has responded to disease-related crises throughout history.

The course is a collaborative learning opportunity to better understand challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic and how we can respond with knowledge, empathy, faith and resilience. An interdisciplinary approach, the hallmark of a liberal arts education, can provide rich perspectives on critical topics, including unprecedented public health disasters.

Topics include: The science of disease | Plagues and responses in the ancient world | Art and pandemics | Catholic and Jesuit responses to plagues | Pandemics through a feminist lens | State surveillance during a pandemic | Frontline healthcare perspectives from Canisius alumni | Covid-19 and marginalized communities | and MORE!

Participants are encouraged to attend as many modules as they would like, whether that means one session or all of them. This is a free, non-credit-bearing course.

Click here to register.

Submitted by: Richard D. Reitsma, PhD, chair, associate professor of Spanish, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures