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The Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies invites you to participate in 12 Weeks in Manresa: Spiritual Exercises for Our Times, a virtual retreat in daily life based on the Spiritual Exercises, using a text offered through Jesuit Sources: “Finding Christ in the World: A Twelve Week Ignatian Retreat in Everyday Life.” The book, written by Rev. Joseph Tetlow, SJ and Carol Atwell Ackels, is an extended adaptation for praying with the Exercises. It provides daily content for prayer and space for taking notes.

In addition to the book, which will guide daily prayer, there are two additional components of the retreat: presentations on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, led by Rev. Casey Beaumier, SJ and optional small group faith sharing.

The Institute’s involvement in the retreat is minimal. The organization distributes the text and assigns participants to small groups, which are facilitated by one or two fellow retreatants. The facilitators’ role is simply to schedule the timing of the small group meetings, ensure that everything is set in place to hold the virtual meetings and then to start the weekly meetings on time. There will be five presentations by the Institute that will be available to all participants.

The deadline to register is May 29. The retreat will begin on June 7 and concludes on August 30. Those who are interested can register below. To ensure that you receive the book by June 7, please order as soon as possible, especially given the potential shipping delays related to COVID-19.

All of this information and more can be found at The Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies website. If you have questions, please contact the Institute, at

Submitted by: Sarah Signorino, director, Office of Mission & Identity