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“The Catholic imagination,” wrote the late Rev. Andrew Greeley in his aptly named book The Catholic Imagination, “can appropriately be called sacramental. It sees created reality as a sacrament, that is, a revelation of the presence of God.”

This “religious sensibility,” Greeley said, “inclines Catholics to see the Holy lurking in creation.”

St. Ignatius of Loyola would certainly agree. The idea that God is everywhere, that everything can reveal to us something about God is foundational to Ignatian spirituality.

It is a reassuring reminder during this time of social distancing that God does not solely reside in church buildings and sacred spaces. All of creation is holy – is sacramental – because it reveals something of the Creator.

This thinking was the inspiration for the Center for Ignatian Spirituality’s new video series entitled “God in 5 Things.” Throughout the series, viewers are asked to reflect on where they find God – and why.

In the first installment, Rev. Gilbert Sunghera, SJ, professor of architecture at the University of Detroit Mercy, finds God in five different buildings. Click the YouTube link above to start the series.

Submitted by: Sarah Signorino, director, Office of Mission & Identity