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Students in Dr. Richard Reitsma’s SPA 217: Introduction to Composition spent the semester studying economics, political and social movements, women’s and indigenous rights, and music and art.

Once we transitioned to online learning, students explored how art and music reflect human experiences, shape political and social reality, and provide solace.  They also explored how lessons of suffering and deprivation during dictatorships, wars or other tragedies served to remind them to be strong and persist in their resolve, to recognize their relative privilege, and find inspiration in figures as diverse as Sor Juana and Frida Kahlo to Bad Bunny.

Students were also given the opportunity to recreate an artwork of impact and meaning to them, from any artist from the Spanish-speaking world.  These are some of the inspiring results.  More images (and the brief essays) can be viewed by clicking here, although they are written in Spanish.

Submitted by: Richard Reitsma, PhD, chair, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures