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Chi Tau, the Canisius chapter of the national collegiate Hispanic honor society Sigma Delta Pi, welcomed eight students into its organization last week.

Among the senior inductees were: Cory Cherven, Hannah Kim, Nicole Newton and Logan Skildum.  The junior students were Matthew Berardi, Chelsea Clark, Sana Gadley and Emilee Smardz. ¡Enhorabuena!

The ceremony was conducted remotely on April 23. All the candidates, chapter officers Adam Dryfout ’20 and Emily Augugliaro ’20, and Professors Margaret Stefanski, PhD and Richard Reitsma, PhD, the organization’s advisers, participated.

Students received membership insignia–certificates and pins –, which will be sent to their homes, and promised a reception when we all return to campus. Peruvian music, red and gold representing the colors of the organization, and candles composed the background of the event.

It was an especially momentous event, as it marked the anniversary of the honor society’s first initiation ceremony on May 1, 1920, which took place at the home of founding member Miriam Burt, in Barkley, CA.

Submitted by: Margaret Stefanski, PhD, associate professor, Modern Languages, Literature and Cultures