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Sport management students at the undergraduate and graduate levels are taught how to create and manage businesses in the sport industry.  They are also increasingly being taught how to create and manage businesses as a force for good.  What would happen if they were given one month, one dollar, to see how much money and how much good they could create?

During the month of February, undergraduate students in SPMT 420-Economic and Finance in Sport Industry and graduate students in MSA 560-Moral and Ethical Issues in Sport participated in the Micro-Tyco Challenge. Students are placed in teams of five, given $1 of seed capital and challenged to take their ideas, operate a business and generate as much real wealth as (legally) possible in one month.

One of the visions for the sport management programs is to develop sport leaders for a sustainable world.  Experiential learning is a key priority and Micro-Tyco certainly delivers on that-it is active learning.

Working with Victory Sports Global Outreach Inc., in Clarence, the two classes comprised of 30 students raised more than $20,000 worth of new and used equipment.  Victory Sports takes this equipment and distributes it to underprivileged kids, enabling them to get in the game and compete, and ultimately providing them with an opportunity to experience the many benefits that sport participation provides.

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Submitted by: Mike Seaman, senior counselor, Graduate Admissions