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In an effort to spread some “virtual sunshine” and help each student recognize the good around them, Karl Kozlowski, PhD, of the Department of Kinesiology and Institute for Autism Research, asked students in his HED 337: Exercise Principles course to answer a simple bonus question on their last online exam.

Students were asked, “What is your good news? (You can’t use anything about this exam either!)“.  From the simple to the profound, students overwhelmingly responded with all the positives happening in their lives.  Students remarked on their personal achievements, their family member’s health improvements, their pets and even the purchase of a guitar and attempt to learn to play the ukulele!

See all of their answers and shared “good news” below:

  • I am growing another new plant because one of the leaves fell off one of mine!
  • We are getting our backyard redone this week, super excited about that.
  • My good news is that I taught both of my grandmas how to get and use Zoom on their phones and laptops so we can all keep in touch!
  • My good news for today is that I helped paint my dad’s room because we are re-painting our house and we have accomplished a lot so far and made a lot of progress in quarantine.
  • I am officially up to biking about 5-8 miles per day! I have not biked in years and I wanted a fun way of exercising and I have been loving it.
  • I set goals for myself everyday and if I complete what I set out to do I reward myself. I have been hitting my goals everyday
  • The weather in Southern California is beautiful. This encourages me to workout outside.
  • They gave every employee at Wegman’s (where I work) free washable masks to wear.
  • As I am taking this exam, my sister is currently in the hospital in labor with my nephew!!! So hopefully, by the end of today he will be born!
  • I got my tax return and I am going to buy a new guitar!
  • My good news is that it is a law that my work now has to provide me with a mask at work! Before the law was passed, my work said that we weren’t allowed to wear masks because it might scare the customers and make them think that one of us could be sick. Now I feel much safer going to work and being around so many people all the time.
  • The gyms are still open here so I go to the gym every morning.
  • It was my dog’s birthday yesterday and we had a mini party.
  • My aunt has coronavirus but she isn’t doing too badly so that’s a positive. Also, I ordered a stand for my punching bag so I’ve finally got that all set up to workout in the back garden.
  • My good news is that I bought two new pairs of sneakers. It is exciting waiting for a package to come during these times. The worst part is getting the sneakers in the mail and then not having anywhere to go.
  • My mom is a nurse at the County Health Department and they are all staying safe and healthy! Chautauqua County has very little amount of active cases! I also painted my bedroom and I am learning how to play the ukulele (maybe).
  • The golf course that I worked at last summer is going to re-hire me to help out with the grounds! I didn’t think I would be able to get a job this summer!
  • My grandma is still cancer free.
  • My good news is that I am week five, post-op, from knee surgery No. 3 and have regained all mobility in my knee so I am now cleared to do all exercises until pain tolerance! Which means I can start to get back in athletic shape.
  • I had my nerve discomfort down my leg since my surgery and today I woke up without nerve pain.
  • I started working out and I have been losing a little weight.
  • My good news is that my sister just got a new French bull-dog puppy that I met for the first time! He’s so cute and fun to have around during this crisis.

The “good news” sharing idea was adapted from an in-class exercise utilized by Shawn O’Rourke, PhD, in the Department of Kinesiology.

Submitted by: Karl Kozlowski, PhD, associate professor, Kinesiology