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Artworks are by TOP: L-R: Benjamin Paquette ’20, Bailey Lis ’20, Abbie Cole ’20. BOTTOM: L-R: Mathieu Boissonneault ’20, MK Do ’20, Lindsay Dziedzic ’21

In lieu of visiting historical spaces and museums during the last part of the semester, students in Yvonne Widenor’s “Art in Buffalo” class were asked to participate in #ColorOurCollection. Students downloaded and colored images of artworks or objects in archives, and evaluated the activity as a way to connect to those objects and to learn about artists and artifacts in various collections.

Their insights include the following:

“I do think that coloring could create that lifelong connection to a museum, artist or work of art, as coloring allows you to express your own ideas and views and kind of tell your own tale within the piece. It is sort of like a remix to a song,” explained Donny Glavin ’20.

“I was very excited when I first read about this assignment because I love the feeling of zoning into your work while coloring and there is no better time than to take a mental health break then right now during this COVID-19 lockdown. Overall, I really enjoyed this assignment and am grateful for the calmness it brought to me during this time,” said Shauna Lee ’21.

“As a method of engagement, this method is quite efficient at bringing interest to an exhibit, specifically for younger age groups. When I was a kid I got many coloring books from museums and zoos and they helped foster my interest in the exhibits and animals they portrayed. This is a classic and excellent method of engaging younger audiences,” concluded Benjamin Paquette ’20.

Submitted by: Yvonne K. Widenor, visiting assistant professor and program director, Art History & Fine Arts Department