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This past weekend, a family of Griffins prepared and delivered a very special home-cooked turkey dinner, with all of the trimmings, to residents who are still living on campus. The Fullers (Dean, Ann, Ryan, Jordan and Brayden ’23) spent Holy Saturday cooking and packaging amazing meals to make Easter a little bit nicer for those who remain on campus and could not  be with their families.  Thank you Fuller Family!

Submitted by: Al Pilato, associate director, Student Life

Borrowing an idea she saw on Facebook, Cynthia Stewart, PhD, adjunct professor of political science, challenged students in her Western Tradition II class to take advantage of virtual tours being made available by the world’s great museums. She offered students extra credit if they could recreate works from the online collections, using whatever was available in their homes. “The only limitation,” Steward says, “was that students had to recreate something from the Western Tradition, since the Renaissance.”

As you can see, students had fun with the project … and enlisted the help of their siblings and pets, as well.

Submitted by: Cynthia Stewart, PhD, adjunct professor, Political Science