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Good morning all and welcome back from spring break … well, sort of.

Despite social distancing becoming our new norm for the foreseeable future, it’s important that people, particularly those within our Canisius community, remain connected during this unprecedented time.  Therefore, we’re pleased to announce today that The Dome will resume its regular publishing schedule for the remainder of the spring semester. 

Sure, the content may be different, with far fewer campus lectures and events to be promoted.  Still, there remains plenty of positive news and information to be shared via The Dome.

Within only the first few days of Canisius implementing its Academic Continuance Plan, we began to hear about the different ways in which faculty and staff are living the Canisius mission and bringing the campus community together, even while we’re apart:

Currently, more than two dozen faculty volunteers are supporting one another in adapting their courses to an emergency all-online format in D2L via the Academic Continuity Mentor Program. Check it out! Faculty have also launched an Academic Preparedness Facebook Group with 50-plus members who are sharing pro tips and answering each others’ questions. Information on these resources and more is at 

Mike Hayes, director of campus ministry, launched an evening Examen on Campus Ministry’s Facebook page.  The Office of Campus Ministry is also updating its website regularly with ways in which the campus community can participate in service and virtual giving opportunities.

Then there’s Sydnie Perkins, assistant director in the Alumni Engagement Office (and a Catholic, Christian praise singer), who took to social media to share her beautiful voice with alumni and fellow Griffs.  Click here to listen.

These are just a few examples of what we know is becoming a broad campus initiative amongst the Canisius community to work together, pray together and be together, while we’re apart. 

So please, if you have a story, pictures or an uplifting experience or announcement that you want to share with your Canisius colleagues, we encourage you to submit it to The Dome and help us all to stay connected.    

Submitted by: College Communications