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There will be no Lenten Reflection in Loyola Hall’s Great Room this Thursday, March 26, at 1:00 p.m. Instead, Margaret McCarthy, PhD, professor of graduate education and leadership, offers a brief reflection on Jesus’ Raising of Lazarus, the Gospel reading for this Sunday, March 29, the fifth Sunday of Lent.  The Gospel text is found by clicking here.

Dr. McCarthy’s reflection follows:

The resurrection of Lazarus is a familiar story in John 11: 1-45.  We can all identify with the deep heartache of Mary and Martha. Perhaps, when we have lost a loved one, we have wondered where Christ was and lamented, “If only He had been there…”

Today, as we consider this familiar Gospel story, we stand in the path of a catastrophic pandemic. In the weeks ahead, we may again wonder, “Where is God in this? If only Christ was here now.” Christ is here now, and He will be with us in the weeks and months ahead. He can be nowhere else because he is in you. You carry Christ in your heart, in your mind, and in your hands. Even as we isolate, be alive with Christ. It is fitting that we are in the midst of Lent. During this season with Christ, our time in isolation can be a period to reflect, to make amends, to forgive, to make peace with ourselves, and to reach out in kindness to others.

Take consolation in this: Wherever you are, there, too, is Christ. He is with you always.

Next Wednesday, April 1, Jonathan Lawrence, PhD, associate professor of religious studies and theology, will provide another Lenten reflection.

Submitted by: Rev. Patrick J. Lynch, SJ, Jesuit associate, Mission & Identity