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It’s Flashback Friday!

Each Friday, we will include historical facts about the college in The Dome, on Facebook and Twitter.  Flashback Fridays are another part of our yearlong Sesquicentennial celebration, which culminates in 2020 when Canisius turns 150 years old. 

Today, we flash back to February 1968 for the rededication of the library, located at the corner of Jefferson and Hughes avenues, in memory of Rev. Andrew L. Bouwhuis, SJ.  

Father Bouwhuis began his 20-year career as the Canisius librarian in 1935, when the college had just moved the library from its original home in a second floor classroom of Old Main to the building’s first floor.  Father Bouwhuis was charged with making order out of chaos.  Up against space limitations, poor furnishings and non-existent operational procedures, he remained steadfast in developing the Canisius library into the focal point of campus life. 

Submitted by: College Communications