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The annual Celebration of Service will be held on Friday, April 24 at 3:00 p.m.

The Celebration of Service will honor all faculty and staff who have reached 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or more years of service at the college. The event will also honor those who have retired or will be retiring from the college this year. The service will be held in Grupp Fireside Lounge, with wine, light snacks and other refreshments to accompany the event. Family and friends of retirees are also welcome to join us.

Please view the list below. If you are not included on the list and feel that you should be or if you are included on the list and any of your information is incorrect, please contact Bethany Voorhees, human resources assistant at Ext. 2240.

All are invited to join the college in celebrating the accomplishments of the honorees and to thank them for their valuable contributions to the college!

2020 Celebration of Service List of Honorees


Christine M. Blum – Administrative Associate for COPE

Karl L. Fritz – Mail Stock Clerk for Facilities Management

John L. Maddock – Senior Associate Athletic Director for Athletics

Sababu Norris – Director of the ALANA Student Center

Barbara J. Porter, PhD – Associate Dean for the College of Arts & Sciences

Denise T. Rogers – Payroll Associate

Patrick J. Young – Stationary Engineer for Facilities Management

40 Years of Service

Joel A. Cohen, PhD – Reference Librarian

Eileen C. Herbert – Chief Communications Officer/Director of Communications

Richard A. Wall, PhD – Professor Emeritus of Economics & Finance

35 Years of Service

Michael G. Dolan – Professor of Kinesiology

Rev. Daniel P. Jamros, S.J. – Professor of Religious Studies and Theology

Margaret M. Kraatz – Financial Aid Specialist & Special Projects

Ian J. Redpath, PhD – Chair & Professor of Accounting

30 Years of Service

Mary Ellen Carver – Executive Associate for the Wehle School of Business

Edward J. Garrity, PhD – Professor of Marketing & Information Systems

Julie S. Gibert, PhD – Associate Dean for the College of Arts & Sciences & Associate Professor of History

Lt. John F. Hach – Lieutenant for Public Safety

Christine Kinsey, PhD – Professor of Mathematics & Statistics

Mariusz M. Kozik, PhD – Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Mark Meyer, PhD – Associate Professor of Computer Science

Paul L. Sauer, PhD – Professor of Marketing & Information Systems

Veronica A. Serwacki – Executive Associate for the College of Arts & Sciences

David Sheets, PhD – Director of the Data Analytics Program & Professor of Physics

25 Years of Service

Harlan Q. Mostiller – Groundskeeper for Facilities Management

Andrew M. Nowak – Lieutenant for Public Safety

Kevin M. Smith – Assistant Vice President & Director of the Student Records & Financial Services Center

Yvonne K. Widenor – Clinical Instructor of Fine Arts

20 Years of Service

Michael J. Forest, PhD – Associate Professor of Philosophy

Angela Galante – Financial Aid Specialist

David J. Koenig – Computer Support Specialist

Ronald H. Kotlik, PhD – Director of Educational Technology & Emerging Data

Gerald A. Melock – Building Repairer for Facilities Management

Joseph B. O’Donnell, PhD – Professor of Accounting

Shawn O’Rourke, PhD – Assistant Professor of Kinesiology & Sports Administrative Program Director

James A. Phillips – Security Guard for Public Safety

Michael E. Rutter, PhD – Associate Professor of Counseling & Human Services

Sharon L. Sicignano – Administrative Associate for the Griff Center for Student Success

Kevin D. Stone – Stationary Engineer for Facilities Management

15 Years of Service

Patricia A. Coward, PhD – Assessment Coordinator for the Library

Julie B. Daniel – Business Services Specialist

Pamela M. Dart – Programmer Analyst

Jennifer A. Desiderio, PhD – Associate Professor of English

Rosemary A. Evans – Administrative Associate for Counselor Education

Ms. Claudine Ewing – Adjunct Professor of Journalism

Nancy A. Farrell, PhD – Associate Dean for the School of Education & Human Services

Mary Beth M. Fortunato, Adjunct Professor for Communication

Timothy M. Gregg, PhD – Associate Professor for Chemistry & Biochemistry

Rosanne L. Hartman, PhD – Professor of Communication

Jason D. Jacobs, Adjunct Professor of Biology

Dennis W. Koch, PhD – Associate Professor & Director of the Office of Professional Studies & Internship Coordinator

Jonathan D. Lawrence, PhD – Associate Professor of Religious Studies & Theology

Tanya M. Loughead, PhD – Professor of Philosophy

William J. Maher – Director of Athletics

Brian S. McIntyre – Public Safety Officer

Madonna P. McKernon – Student Affairs Administrative Specialist

Donna L. Ortolani – Center for Global Education Assistant

Mark J. Piatkowski – Associate Director of Student Life

Deborah W. Prohn – Assistant Director  & Registrar, Student Records & Financial Services

Ronald M. Rivas, PhD – Professor of Management

Erica Sammarco – Associate Vice President

Karen B. Schmid – Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts

Kimberly J. Walkow – Administrative Specialist for the Wehle School of Business

Michael P. Walsh, PhD – Adjunct Professor of Philosophy

Richard V. Warcholak – Stationary Engineer for Facilities Management

10 Years of Service

Sierra M. Bonerb – Associate Director of Support Services for the GRIFF Center

Russell P. Calianno – Programmer Analyst

Allen W. Callwood – Public Safety Officer

Carlton Coker – Housekeeper for Facilities Management

Katie S. Costanzo, PhD – Associate Professor of Biology

Philip J. Davis – Counselor & Academic Talent Search Specialist

Paola C. Fajardo-Heyward, PhD – Associate Professor of Political Science

Kristen T. Frawley – Adjunct Professor of Differentiated Instruction

Charles A. Goodsell, PhD – Chair & Associate Professor of Psychology

Arvela Heider, PhD – Adjunct Professor for the Office of Professional Studies

Curtis Hinson, PhD – Adjunct Professor of Kinesiology

Courtney L. Kelly – Adjunct Professor of Kinesiology

Matthew K. Kochan – Librarian & Head of Public Services

Kristina L. Laun – Administrative Associate for ITS

Devorah Lucas – Adjunct Professor for the Office of Professional Studies

James M. Moore – Adjunct Professor of Marketing & Information Systems

Lisa M. Morey, PhD – Co-Chair & Associate Professor of Biology

Davina A. Moss-King, PhD – Adjunct Professor of Counselor Education

Beth Richter – Adjunct Professor of Literacy

Patricia W. Stevens, PhD – Adjunct Professor of Counselor Education

Amanda J. Summers – Public Safety Officer

5 Years of Service

Luis R. Ayala – Housekeeper for Facilities Management

Amy K. Beiter – Administrative Associate for Political Science & Fine Arts

Michael D. Bossert – Game Worker

John A. Breckner, PhD – Adjunct Professor for Counselor Education

Paul R. Burgess – Game Worker & Announcer

James A. Caskie – Adjunct Professor of Communication

Shane M. Dembowski – Groundskeeper for Facilities Management

Anthony DiGesare, Adjunct Professor of English

Matthew J. Gleason – Computer Support Specialist

Julie Anna M. Golebiewski, PhD – Assistant Professor of Economics & Finance

Daniel P. Haeusser, PhD – Assistant Professor of Biology

Laurie A. Hennessy – Administrative Operations Coordinator for Athletics

Patricia A. Herkey – Creative Director for Marketing & Communications

Joshua E. Kruk – Digital Marketing Director

Daniel J. McKenna – General Worker for Facilities Management

Godwin O. Moka – Tutor for C.O.P.E.

Sean P. O’Hara – Head Coach for Men’s Rowing

Peter E. Olexenko – Electrician for Facilities Management

Kelly L. Schultz – Associate Controller

Timothy J. Seil – Assistant Director of Athletic Facilities

Thomas J. Snodgrass – Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies & Theology

Cynthia L. Stewart, PhD – Adjunct Professor of Political Science

Arthur A. Taft, PhD – Director of Respiratory Care for the Office of Professional Studies

Carolyn M. Thompson – Coordination Supervisor for the Office of Field Experience

Catherine P. Velardi – Adjunct Professor of Modern Languages, Literature & Cultures

Linda M. Walleshauser – Associate Vice President for Human Resources & Compliance

William Z. Welte – Adjunct Professor of Philosophy

Submitted by: Bethany Voorhees, assistant, Human Resources
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