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#CanisiusGivingDay 2020 is just three months away!

If you would like to fundraise for your area you must “opt-in” by today, Monday, February 3.

What does that mean? If you plan to actively fundraise for your respective area on Giving Day, you must notify the Canisius Fund Office by today, as campaign pages and designations will only be created for the programs, departments, teams, etc. that indicate they are participating.

Please Email Suli Calianno, Canisius Fund coordinator, at or call Ext. 2712 today to officially opt-in!

We need to provide our Giving Day software provider a list of the areas fundraising so they can create individual campaign pages and designations that donors can support.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to add more once we submit our list to the software vendor, so it’s critical that you let us know if you plan to participate.

Submitted by: The Canisius Fund Team