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Student applications for the 2020-21 Canisius Earning Excellence Program (CEEP) awards can be submitted on Friday, January 31 through Friday, February 21.

What is CEEP?

The Canisius Earning Excellence Program awards students with funding for intellectually demanding projects that create opportunities for applied learning outside the classroom. The work completed through this program is closely related to a career or scholarly field and directly related to faculty scholarship. By working alongside faculty on research-focused projects, students are able to achieve a high level of preparedness for maintaining professional working relationships and for continued studies at the graduate level.

What are the requirements?

A 3.3 or higher GPA is required for all applicants. College policy prevents students from receiving both CEEP and federal work-study during the academic year. Students may receive CEEP in the summer and work-study during the fall and spring or vice versa but not both during the same semester. The hourly rate for CEEP 2020-21 projects is $12.50 and students may apply for a maximum of 150 hours.

How can a student apply?

More information and current online applications (opening on Friday, January 31) are available on the Academic Affairs page on the myCanisius portal. Students will also receive an email notification with details regarding the application process. Please note, current CEEP award recipients interested in continuing their project next year will need to fill out new applications for the 2020-21 award. Renewal is not automatic.


If you have any questions regarding the award and application process, contact Emily McGorry at Ext. 2121.

Submitted by: Emily McGorry, executive associate, Academic Affairs