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If you are still receiving a paper copy of your W-2, please consider receiving it electronically.

Login to Self Service Banner, click on “Employee,” “Tax forms,” then “Electronic W-2 and 1095C consent” and check the box for “Consent to receive W-2 electronically” and “Submit.” Your consent is needed only once.  Afterwards, you’ll be able to access your W-2 each year, as soon as it is processed in payroll.

You can print your W-2 about one week before the paper mailing date of January 31.  To do this, login to Self Service Banner, click on “Employee,” “Tax forms,” then “W-2 year end earning statement.”  Select the year you want and click on “Display”and print.

You will also have access to all of your prior W-2s.

Please call the Payroll Department at Ext. 8530, if you have any questions.

Submitted by: Sue Lyons, payroll manager, Payroll Department