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The Institute for the Study of Human-Animal Relationships and the Anthrozoology Program at Canisius College will welcome to campus Kristen E. Lukas, PhD, director of conservation and science at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, tomorrow, Thursday, January 16

Lukas will present a lecture titled “Helping People, Saving Gorillas: Evidence for Hope in Wildlife Conservation.”The lecture begins at 7:00 theGrupp Fireside Lounge.

As director of conservation and science at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Lukas manages a large and diverse conservation program, which collaborates with staff of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International in Rwanda to train students from the University of Rwanda in conservation science. 

Lukas is also an adjunct professor of biology at Case Western Reserve University, where her research interests include environment and behavior, animal health and welfare, and conservation psychology.  Lukas is currently examining the effects that zoos, as informal education institutions, have on visitors and whether zoos inspire people to take conservation action.  This latter area of research will be the focus of Lukas’ January 16 lecture. 

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Submitted by: Christy L. Hoffman, PhD, director, Anthrozoology