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Mary Beth Werdel, PhD, director of pastoral care and counseling at Fordham University, visits Canisius on Tuesday, November 19 for a talk titled “Finding God in Stressful Times.”  Werdel’s lecture will take place from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. in Loyola Hall and examines what science tells us about the connection between stress and spirituality.

Werdel currently teaches graduate level courses in pastoral care and counseling at Fordham.  Her research focuses on the intersection of spirituality and well-being during times of loss, stress and trauma. She  has made numerous presentations in the area of stress related growth at research conferences, continuing education seminars and public academic events.  She is also widely published.  Werdel’s most recent book, As Faith Matures: Beyond the Sunday God, was published by Ligouri in 2012.

Most recently she worked as a bi-lingual Spanish speaking family therapist. In this role she assisted families who had recently immigrated from Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras.

Submitted by: Rev. Patrick J. Lynch, SJ, professor emeritus, Religious Studies & Theology