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Biology major Lillian Wozniak ’22 presented her work titled “Feasibility of Non-Exercise Science Majors to Direct an Exercise Program for High Functioning Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder” at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference of the American College of Sports Medicine in Hershey, PA on Friday, November 1. Her work was completed during the summer of 2019 at the Institute for Autism Research under the direction of Karl Kozlowski, PhD, associate professor of kinesiology; Adam Booth, postdoctoral research fellow; Jonathan Rodgers, PhD, assistant professor of psychology; Marcus Thomeer, PhD, professor of teacher education; and Christopher Lopata, PsyD, professor of teacher education. Physical education major Samantha Crane ’21 was also involved in the project. Wozniak is the first student to be selected to present at this prestigious conference.

Submitted by: Karl F. Kozlowski, PhD, associate professor, Kinesiology