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If you build and operate quizzes or exams in D2L, beginning Friday, September 27, a new question editor D2L called the “New Quiz Builder Experience” will be shown in D2L. This will not be a comprehensive reconstruction of the quiz editor. It will not impact how students see or take a quiz or exam.

As of now, you are able to opt-out of this new screen. However, it does represent a new, more practical set of screens that D2L is creating so that quizzes are easier to build and maintain. Take a look at this short preview video:

Another small but helpful improvement to D2L has already been implemented. If you click the dropdown menu caret to the right of a student’s name in the grades area (gradebook), there will be a “preview” option which shows what students will see in their grade report.

If you have any questions about building and operating quizzes in D2L, Email Mark Gallimore, director of the Center for Online Learning and Innovation, at

Submitted by: Mark Gallimore, Center for Online Learning & Innovation