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The Center for Online Learning & Innovation (COLI) will offer a workshop to train participants in using Qualtrics, a toolset used for data gathering, surveys and forms online. The workshop will take place on Wednesday, September 25 from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. in Science Hall 036.

Participants will learn the basics of building online surveys and data collection forms using Qualtrics. Afterwards, users will be able to build, manage, operate and distribute simple forms and get the resulting data. They will also be ready to explore more advanced tools for enhancing their survey and data-form procedures. This workshop is useful for skilled and experienced survey researchers planning to move into Qualtrics. It is also valuable for faculty and staff who are considering online surveys or forms for the first time and seeking an introduction to form-building and basic data collection on the web.

To see other trainings offered by COLI as well as a range of faculty development opportunities brought to you by the Academic Affairs Division, visit the Faculty Development Community Resource.

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Submitted by: Mark Gallimore, Center for Online Learning & Innovation