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Students and faculty from the Biology Department worked together over the summer to produce a music video about cell biology and the experience of developing as a young scientist. The video was filmed and edited as a student/faculty collaboration and is part of a larger project that explores the boundaries of science and the arts as a way to enhance science education.

The song and video are written and produced from the perspective of a new graduate student working late nights in the lab. More broadly, the song is about those times in our lives where we are struggling and working as hard as we can, all the while searching for that faint glimmer of hope that everything will turn out okay. The cell biochemical pathways then become a metaphor for the changes we discover within ourselves – changes that give us the strength and determination to carry on.

The video can be found on YouTube here or by using the URL

For more information on the project, contact Jon O’Brien, PhD, associate professor of biology, at

Submitted by: Jon O’Brien, PhD, associate professor, Biology