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The 13 Vive guests thank the campus community for its support they received during their respite stay at Canisius. They will depart from campus tomorrow, Friday, July 12. Most guests will return to the Vive shelter.

One of our guests, Ronald, will be moving into his first apartment in Buffalo later this week. We’ve created an Amazon wish list to help welcome him into his home. If you’re interested, please do not hesitate to contribute by clicking here.

During the guests stay, volunteers made and delivered dinner each night, funded groceries and took some of the residents to First Friday at the Albright-Knox.

If you would like to deepen your involvement with the immigrant community in Buffalo, please contact Sarah Signorino, director of mission & identity, at or Ext. 2424.

For more information about Vive, click here.

Submitted by: Sarah Signorino, director, Mission & Identity